Our History

Founded in 1993 by President, Anthony J. White, Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL) provides package and material testing solutions to the packaging industry. When Anthony started APTL he had a vision, delivering a customer-centric experience combined with technical expertise and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

After 25 plus years, his vision remains the foundation of the company. With a team of packaging engineers and an extensive client list, APTL has become a leader in the ISTA/ASTM package testing industry. APTL is a DOT/UN recognized and certified third-party testing agency. Our team analyses your package testing requirements and then tailors the tests to meet your specific needs.

We put every package through a rigorous testing process to make certain whether delivered by truck, train, plane or ship the product will reach your customers in perfect condition.

APTL also tests the materials that make-up the package and how those materials could affect the durability of the package. Our team of engineers and technicians are well-versed in the most current testing standards and can help package designers translate the test results into package design options.

The industry’s most state-of– the-art equipment:

  • Vibration tables
  • Compression tables
  • Shock tables
  • Drop testers
  • Climate chambers

Package testing services include:

  • Tailoring or standardizing testing of products and packaging.
  • Simulating anticipated environmental conditions that a package or product may encounter in shipping and storage.
  • Certifying the package/product by industry.
  • Certifying of the package/product to specific corporate standards.

Customer Service

At APTL, we take great pride in our brand, delivering outstanding customer service, timely response and world-class package testing expertise. We treat you with the honesty, integrity and respect. Our team of packaging professionals are available through the entire testing process to answer any questions or address any concerns.