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Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories Unveiled Its Remolded Testing Facility

Wheeling, IL, November 8, 2021 – Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), a leader in the ISTA/ASTM package testing industry, has unveiled its newly remolded ISTA and Materials Lab after securing additional space adjacent to the existing facility.

The addition dramatically increases the testing capacity of the site. This investment marks a significant expansion, with the facility’s total footprint to roughly 16,000 square feet.

“We are very proud of the work our team does at this facility and the fact that we continue to grow and innovate,” said Monica White, Laboratory Director. “This newly remodeled space will allow us to turn projects around much more quickly and still deliver upon the quality testing services for which we are known.”

APTL has added a new Cincinnati sub-zero walk-in environmental chamber, a MTS vibration machine, and two new drop testers. In addition, to updating both existing vibration machines and the horizontal impact machine.

APTL opened in 1993 and has continued to expand throughout the years. This current expansion marks the 4th significant expansion to meet the growing needs of APTL customers.

APTL to Speak on APASS Certification

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL) is excited to announce that Monica White has been invited to speak at the AICC (The Independent Packaging Association) annual meeting to be held Sept. 16-18, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

As a certified packaging technologist and project leader, Monica White helps optimize the certification process for companies looking to distribute products through Amazon’s Network. Monica will be speaking about Distribution Packaging in an E-commerce World with a focus on Amazon’s requirements and the role package testing plays in the certification process. Participants of this session will get pragmatic advice to successfully navigate these packaging regulations.


Advanced Labs ISTA Employees at Amazon for APASS Training Course

Amazon’s Packaging Support & Supplier

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL) is proud to announce their new strategic association with Amazon.  The online retailer selected and trained APTL to join their packaging support and supplier network, APASS as a preferred package testing laboratory.  APASS is a resource for companies who currently distribute or are looking to distribute their products through Amazon.  Vendors can work with APTL to complete ISTA tests to certify products as Prep-Free Packaging (PFP), Ships-In-Own-Container (SIOC) or Frustration Free Packaging (FFP).

A forklift placing a shipping container on the back of a semi truck.

Shaking-it- up … Changes in ASTM D4169 Shipping Standards

ASTM D4169, standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems has recently experienced a shake-up affecting the random vibration profile for truck transport.  Prior to this change, all revisions were based on research that was gathered in the 1970’s.  Truck vibration tests were performed at the same assurance level throughout the duration of the test.  Although there was a selection of assurance level to choose from at the beginning of the test, changes throughout the test to assimilate conditions were not seen.

The new truck vibration test performs at three different assurance levels throughout the duration of the test, low, medium and high— 0.40, 0.54 and 0.70 grms .  Package rotation is similar to the previous versions of the D4169.  The package is rotated on the base, side and end evenly throughout the test.

For more information check out the specifics on D4169-16 at

Will Your Packaging Pass the Heat & Humidity Test?

Over the last 30 plus years we have seen hot days getting hotter, rainfall getting heavier and hurricanes getting stronger. We have experienced an increasing number of days of extreme heat and humidity. Over the past summer alone, the United States experienced two deadly rounds of heat and humidity prompting heat advisories and warnings. All 50 states have experienced record breaking heat making everyone vulnerable to the impacts associated with climate change.

Increased exposure to heat changes the way companies’ package and ship products. Vigilance is the key to surviving for companies who rely on positive package performance. Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL) help their customers navigate the packaging process with state-of-the-art environmental and walk-in temperature chambers that simulate the most severe weather conditions.

APTL is equipped to perform:
– Package / pallet load temperature / humidity conditioning before conducting ISTA / ASTM package test programs
– Temperature / humidity conditioning before conducting compression tests
– Accelerated aging of corrugated, paper and plastic materials with temperature / humidity
– Material testing at completion of conditioning program
– Temperature decay of insulated medical packages
– Vibration testing at temperature conditions
– Life cycle testing of a customer’s product at temperature / humidity conditions
– Long -term temperature / humidity tests to evaluate products
– Temperature / humidity cycling tests
– Water spray / rain tests
– Temperature conditions ranging from -90°F (-68°C) to +356°F (+180°C)
– Thermocouple system to monitor multiple temperature points




Congratulations Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), is excited to announce the promotion of two of key employees in the UN/DOT department, Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron.

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos was promoted to UN/DOT Project Lead.  Kim started her career with APTL 3 years ago in the role of Office Manager.  It is Kim’s attention to detail, adaptability and overall understanding of the customer’s needs that will make her a success in her new position.

Rafael Cameron


Rafael Cameron was promoted to UN/DOT Manager.   Rafael started his career with APTL 10 years ago in the role of UN/DOT Project Technician.  It is Rafael’s ability to assess a customer’s testing needs and deliver a test that meets UN/DOT standards that make him an ideal professional for the role of UN/DOT Manager.

“The management team understands personal and professional development is critical to the health of the organization, “ says Mark Hughes, Laboratory Director.  Mark adds, “At APTL, career growth is a top priority, we strive to help our employees achieve their goals.”

United States Department of Transportation logo

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories Receives UN Third Party Accreditation

Mt Prospect, IL, January, 2016 — Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), an industry leader in package and material testing solutions for the packaging industry, announced they recently received a 5-year re-approval as a designated UN third Party Certification Agency from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Achieving this designation certifies that APTL has met all the requirements to be a UN third party approval agency to test and certify packaging in accordance with the UN/DOT performance requirements.

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