Environmental Testing

Environmental conditions can greatly impact the success of your packaging project. With over 100 years of combined packaging experience, our engineers know the effects of a full range of expected conditions on package performance.

With a selection of environmental chambers, we can simulate temperatures and atmospheric conditions that could affect packaging material properties.

Important facts:

  • Paper-based products are strongly affected by their moisture content.
  • Relative humidity needs to be controlled.
  • Plastic products are often strongly affected by temperature.

Often the package is conditioned to the specified environment and tested under those conditions. This can be in a conditioned room or in a chamber enclosing the test. With some testing, the package is conditioned to a specified environment, then is removed to ambient conditions and quickly tested. The test report will detail the conditions and test completeness.

At Advanced Labs, Random Vibration Testing can be conducted in temperatures/humidly from -40˚F to 160˚F, 0-98% R.H.

Relevant Standards:

ASTM D4332
Standard Practice for Conditioning Containers, Packages, or Packaging Components for Testing

Standard Specification for Standard Atmospheres for Conditioning and Testing Flexible Barrier Materials

I have a package that requires testing to safeguard against a variety of environmental conditions.

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Environmental Testing

Environmental Temperature and Humidity Chamber – Standard Chamber

Environmental Temperature / Humidity Chambers – Standard Chamber

Environmental Temperature / Humidity Walk-In Chamber with Random Vibration

Environmental Temperature / Humidity Chambers – Walk-In Chambers


Additional Testing:

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