ISTA / ASTM Package Testing

Validating Package Strength and Integrity

Are you searching for package testing that would…

  • Authenticate suitability for end-use
  • Help solve problems with current packaging
  • Identify potential cost savings in packaging
  • Provide a technical means of comparing package options
  • Determine or verify that requirements of a specification, regulation, or contract are met
  • Provide standard data for quality assurance
  • Provide evidence for product liability, patents, or product claims
  • Predict the performance of a package during distribution and use by your customers

At Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories, we’ve developed a 3- phase package testing process that is seamless and will address all your package testing needs.

Phase 1: Setting Expectations

During this phase of the package testing process, one of our seasoned- engineers will evaluate your specific project requirements and then develop a testing program to meet your requirements.

Phase 2: Measuring Characteristics

During this phase of the package testing process, we will simulate the environment your packages will face in route, in storage, or by the end-user. Our project engineers and technicians will measure your pre-determined set of characteristics that could affect the outcome of the test. These characteristics include materials, components, shipping containers, and unit loads. Our testing measures the effects and interactions of the levels of packaging, the package contents, external forces, and end-use.

Phase 3: Documenting Results

During this phase of the process, our technicians will document the formal test method(s) and prepare a test report that includes the appropriate data including, certification level, charts/graphs, spreadsheets, photographs, video, etc.

If needed, the testing process can involve certifying the package to standards set by:

  • ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) ISTA Lab Certification
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • CEN (European Committee for Standardization)
  • TAPPI (Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry)
  • NMFTA (National Motor Traffic Association) FCDC Lab Certification
  • Custom shipping and handling protocols
  • Corporate specifications

As an independent entity from packaging suppliers, Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories conducts an unbiased review, testing, and certification of your packaging project.

Crate Inspection after Impact Testing – Can your package withstand the impact that could occur in the shipping and handling of packages.

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Image of an ISTA/ASTM testing rig.

Vibration Testing

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ISTA/ASTM Package Testing

Random Vibration Machines — Truck, Railroad, Air Shipment Simulation

Drop Test Equipment — Standard Capacity

Vacuum Chamber — Standard Capacity

Rotary Vibration Machine

Random Vibration Machines — Truck, Railroad, Air Shipment Simulation

Horizontal Impact Testing System (HITS) — up to 8 MPG Impacts

Compression Machine — Simulate Warehouse and Truck Stacking Environment

Random Vibration Test

Drop Jolt Test Plastic Bag Handle

Drop Test of a Wooden Crate

Impact Test with Crate

Random Vibration Test in Walk-In Tem Chamber

Vacuum Test with Potato Chip Bag

Image of a bulk bag being tested for horizontal impact.

Horizontal Impact Test of Flexible Bulk Bag

Image of a wood crate being random vibration tested.

Random Vibration Test on a Wood Crate

Animated image of a random vibration test on Evinrude box.

Random Vibration Test Evinrude Motor

Animated image of a snowblower undergoing a random vibration test.

Random Vibration Test of a Pallet / Snow Blower Assembly

Animated image of an edge drop test on an Evinrude motor box.

Edge Drop Test Evinrude Motor Pallet System

Animated image of a vibration test on three boxes.

Random Vibration Test of Corrugated Packages

Animated image of a pallet of mayonnaise containers going through a vibration test.

Random Vibration Test of a Pallet of Grocery Products

Animated image of a mercury marine vibration test.

Random Vibration Test of a Boat Motor

Animated image of a horizontal impact test on an Evinrude motor box.

Horizontal Impact Test (HITS) of an Evinrude Motor Pallet

Animated image of a vibration testing rig.

G&W Vibe Test

Animated image demonstrating the use of a horizontal impactor.

Horizontal Impactor 8mph

Animated image of cheese packaging tests.

Vacuum Leakage Test of Packaged Cheese

Animated image of a package drop test.

Package Drop Test

Animated image of a rotary vibration test on soda cans.

Rotary Vibration Test

Animated image of a water bottle rack random vibration test.

Water Bottle Rack Random Vibration Test