Congratulations Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron

June 8th, 2016

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), is excited to announce the promotion of two of key employees in the UN/DOT department, Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron.

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos was promoted to UN/DOT Project Lead.  Kim started her career with APTL 3 years ago in the role of Office Manager.  It is Kim’s attention to detail, adaptability and overall understanding of the customer’s needs that will make her a success in her new position.

Rafael Cameron


Rafael Cameron was promoted to UN/DOT Manager.   Rafael started his career with APTL 10 years ago in the role of UN/DOT Project Technician.  It is Rafael’s ability to assess a customer’s testing needs and deliver a test that meets UN/DOT standards that make him an ideal professional for the role of UN/DOT Manager.

“The management team understands personal and professional development is critical to the health of the organization, “ says Mark Hughes, Laboratory Director.  Mark adds, “At APTL, career growth is a top priority, we strive to help our employees achieve their goals.”