Medical Package Validation Testing

According to medical packaging standards, the manufacturer of medical devices must ensure the product and package combine to create a total system that performs efficiently, safely, and effectively in the hands of the user. Validation testing is vital in determining whether package is sealed properly, leak-free and secure from any number of outside contaminants and temperatures.

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories is an independent state-of-the-art testing facility equipped to evaluate the barrier protection of the individually packaged products. Our team of engineers and technicians will walk you through every step of the validation process.

A complete range of testing services is available, including all ASTM, ISTA, ISO and custom testing protocols.

Accelerated Aging and Stability Tests

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories conducts accelerated aging and real-time aging to determine whether or not the packaging configuration is sufficient enough to maintain the product sterility or the intended shelf life. Our lab will independently verify that your package meets standards such as:

Packaging Distribution Simulation Testing

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories conducts a series of tests designed to measure the sturdiness of the outer or secondary packaging. This is to ensure that the packaging can meet industry standards and can safely contain the devices during shipping, handling and storage.

Package Integrity and Seal Strength Tests

Advance Packaging Technology Laboratories conducts package integrity and seal strength tests to check the packages its ability to maintain sterility and its robustness.